Web mail is certainly convenient when on the go, however most users prefer using a mail client program such as Outlook Express or Eudora when at home or the office. This page will help you configure your mail client software to work with our mail system. We will use Outlook Express as a working example since it is so widespread, however most client software configures in a similar way.


Username: When setting up your account, remember that your username is the full email address and not just the userID part. For example: If your email address is '', then your username is '', not just 'johndoe'.

POP3/SMTP Settings:

Your POP3 server is ''. For example: If your domain is '', then your POP3 server is ''. Due to the fact that most ISP's now block the SMTP (outgoing mail) port to prevent spamming, it is recommended that you specify your ISP's mail server as the SMTP server. In most cases, your ISP's mail server is the domain name with 'mail' in front of it. For example: If your ISP is '', then the SMTP server is ''.

If your ISP does not block the SMTP port (port 25) and you wish to use our SMTP server you may specify '' as the SMTP server as well, however you must use authenticated SMTP. Since Outlook Express is most common, here is how to set authenticated SMTP using that mail client: Go to tools | accounts then click on your mail account and click properties. From there go to the servers tab and at the bottom you will see where it says 'my server requires authentication'. Click that checkbox and then hit ok to get out of everything and then you should be able to send email from Outlook Express just fine. If you have a different email client, the settings will be different, but the concept is the same - You need to use authenticated SMTP.

Passwords, forwarding and other system features: Although you can use a mail client program to send and receive email, you will still need to login to the webmail interface if you wish to change your password, change your forwarding or vacation options, manage the email accounts in your domain, etc. If you experience any difficulties, feel free to contact the postmaster general.

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