Fonts-FAST™ is a simple freeware utility to help users easily determine which fonts to use in their projects and documents. Although this program has been around for years and is virtually a legacy program, we still use it ourselves to quickly search available fonts and determine the most suitable font for our intended purpose. The program can also generate a printed list of fonts and samples for your reference.

System Requirements and Notes


Fonts-FAST™ is a 32-bit program which works with Windows95™, Windows98™, or WindowsNT™ & 2000/2003.  It should work with newer operating systems such as Server 2008 and Vista. For best performance we suggest a Pentium® -class processor or better with 32mb of RAM or more. Minimum requirements are actually substantially lower, but performance may suffer.

Downloading Fonts-FAST
Current Version is 1.1.3

Full Install                                  fonts-fast.exe (1.84mb)

Comments and questions are welcome regarding this program. Please write to and let us know what you think. Suggestions for improvements are also seriously considered and appreciated.

Copyright Notices:
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Pentium is a registered trademark of the Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.

Fonts-FAST is a trademark of Down To Earth Enterprises. All rights reserved.

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