The Down To Earth Network has come a long way since its humble beginnings back in January of 1997. Although infinitely small compared to other firms and providers, our customers enjoy fast and personal service - not automated responses followed up by email days later, as is common when dealing with "mega" companies. Our software development strategy has proven itself accurate, reliable and successful; so successful in fact that other companies are beginning to adopt our approach to creating "user-centered" applications.

"Our service, prices, and business philosophy are what make us unique in this world of global competition. We are particularly careful not to over-sell our services - This ensures that our existing clients do not experience delays so common with firms that overload their systems and overwork their personnel.

Our 'no overload' policy occasionally makes certain services unavailable to new clients, but we feel this is necessary in order to maintain the reliability and high level of service people have come to expect from the Down To Earth network."

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. If we can make it more convenient or useful to you, please let us know. We appreciate that given the infinite ocean that is the Internet, you decided to "surf" here...


This server is located in Southern California, USA


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